Campus Martius

Thursday, May 15 | 11am-2pm

Come join us for a special performance by The Salvation Army Divisional Brass Band and a tasty treat for passersby in the park. Denali Flavors, makers of the legendary Moose Tracks ice cream, is hosting a free ice-cream giveaway! For every scoop of Moose Tracks ice cream handed out, Denali Flavors will donate $1 to The Salvation Army.

This year’s event will also feature our Do Gooder Challenge with “Beat the Bucket” – a skills game similar to a dunk tank. Corporate leaders from the metro Detroit area will join executives from the Quicken Loans family of companies in a friendly competition to raise funds for The Salvation Army. Executives will sit beneath a water-filled bucket while their employees, colleagues, fans and passerbys throw balls at a target to douse them in water. Each chance is a $2 donation with funds supporting feeding and sheltering people across Metro Detroit.