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In 1993 The salvation Army launched the Integrated HIV/AIDS Management Project with a view to build the capacity of vulnerable groups and communities to effectively respond to sex work.

A visit to Old Dhaka has given us a range of option for possible entry points in the brothel for consideration. It has been an understanding that an out reach program to provide vocational training and rehabilitate those prostitutes willing to change their profession. From 1st August 1995 a part time worker started working in the brothel at Old Dhaka. In January 1996 we opened an office across the street from the Kandiputti brothel at Old Dhaka. The objective was to demonstrate care for the commercial sex worker that would lead to HIV/AIDS prevention. In 1997 the brothel was destroyed by the local authority. The team and the women developed a program which focuses on adult literacy, self-sufficiency training and HIV counseling while maintaining support to their children. This was how counseling & development Center in Old Dhaka started working.


Overall development objective: “To build the capacity of vulnerable groups and communities to effectively respond to sex work and human trafficking”.
Objective 1: To empower sex workers and trafficked women to have control over their lives and integrate into their local community.
Objective 2: To reduce stigma and ignorance about sex workers and trafficked women, and strengthen the community response to action in favour of the vulnerable groups.
Objective 3: To develop the capacity of Salvation Army Bangladesh to advocate for the rights of trafficked women.

Present Project Status



Centers in Old Dhaka and Jessore specifically for sex workers. Staff based here to provide sex workers with psychosocial support, education sessions etc. The centers provide a safe space and most of our activities are based on these Centers.

  • Staff are visiting homes of sex workers and their families. The purpose of these visits is to build relationships with the families and sex workers and offer more holistic psychosocial support involving the families.

  • We are providing psychosocial support to sex workers through one to one sessions and group sessions.

Seminars for Sex workers: The project has arranged 27 workshops for the sex worker at the project on-

  • Human Trafficking
  • Gender
  • Human Rights
  • Family Law & Succession etc.

Legal Support: We Assist women to access legal support when necessary. Primary Groups (PG) & our project staff are supporting women to access legal services.

Adult Literacy Program: At present we have 14 adult literacy groups with 209 women in 3 project area and a non-formal education literacy course is being followed.

We have Supported 9 girls Technical & formal education at the school.

Vocational Training: We are providing vocational trainings for the centre women such as-

  • Tailoring,
  • Beauty Parlour Training
  • Candle making
  • Block printing and
  • Making items for Sally Ann (the shop of The Salvation Army).

Income Generating Activities: We provided grants to 21 women after completing various training from the projects. Some of the activity shown below:

  • We encourage women to start savings group. Center at the Old Dhaka & Jessore has Satrted savings group with the center women. This group is monitored by our staffs. But the women are running it independently.
  • We work with other organisations to repatriate and follow-up trafficked women and girls. We have “Stop the Traffik” networking where NGOs with the similar vision are working together to support each other.

Seminar with Community People: We do seminars on various issues with the community people; such as-

  • Trafficking
  • Legal Rights
  • Gender

Day Observation: We involve community people, NGOs & Government people during various day observation; such as-World AIDS Day, Trafficking Weekend, Human Rights Day, Women's’ Day etc.

Primary Groups: we have 33 Primary Groups (PGs) In Old Dhaka , In Jessore 3 and in Shatkhira 10 groups; which are being monitored by our staff. We hope that soon these groups will be able to run themselves independently.

Leadership Training for Potential Leaders:

  • We arrange Million Leadership Mandate (MLM) course to train potential leaders in our community.
  • Also there are 33 volunteer leaders chosen from the Primary Groups and being trained to lead the PGs independently.

Kids, Adolescents & Youth Group:

  • We have 17 Kids', Adolescents' & Youth Groups in different project areas. These groups are being monitored by our staff. They meet for a monthly meeting. Thus we have the opportunity to make better relationships with their family.

Seminars/ Training with Pastors:

We arrange training & seminars for our pastors who are working in the communities. The purpose of these training is to equip them for community work and to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, sex work and human trafficking in their congregations.


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  • Manuals (Psychosocial support, Integrated Mission, Trafficking )